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Was Mohammed Shami the Key Player Gujarat Titans Missed This Season?

Was Mohammed Shami the Key Player Gujarat Titans Missed This Season

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season has not been kind to the Gujarat Titans. Their failure to make the playoffs marks a significant step back for a franchise that had shown promise. Key to this discussion is whether the absence of Mohammed Shami played a decisive role in their disappointing season. While other factors like Hardik Pandya’s late departure and underwhelming performances from key recruits contributed, Shami’s absence stands out. Let’s delve into why Mohammed Shami was the lynchpin the Gujarat Titans missed this season.


Mohammed Shami‘s prowess with the new ball is undeniable. Over the past few seasons, he has developed a reputation for dismantling top-order batsmen, especially the key threats in opposing teams. His ability to swing the ball both ways and deliver consistent line and length has made him a nightmare for batsmen. This skill set was instrumental for the Titans, particularly at the start of the innings when setting the tone is crucial.


Without Shami, the Titans struggled to find a bowler who could provide the same level of impact in the early overs. The likes of Fazalhaq Farooqi and Spencer Johnson, while talented, could not replicate Shami’s consistency and effectiveness. This led to opponents frequently getting off to strong starts, putting the Titans on the back foot right from the beginning of matches.


Historically, Shami has been criticized for his death bowling. However, in recent seasons, he has significantly improved in this area. His ability to bowl yorkers and mix up his pace effectively made him a reliable option in the final overs. The Titans heavily relied on him to contain runs and take wickets during the death overs, a role he performed admirably.


The absence of Shami’s death bowling was sorely felt. The Titans often found themselves unable to control the flow of runs in the last few overs, leading to opponents posting or chasing down challenging totals. This deficiency in the bowling attack added pressure on the batting lineup, exacerbating the Titans’ problems.


Beyond his on-field contributions, Shami’s experience and leadership were invaluable to the Titans. As a seasoned campaigner, he provided guidance to younger bowlers and helped shape the team’s bowling strategies. His calm demeanor and ability to perform under pressure were qualities that the Titans missed dearly.


Shubman Gill, in his first season as captain, could have benefited immensely from Shami’s presence. Having a senior bowler who could be called upon in tough situations would have taken some pressure off the young captain. Gill’s captaincy, while commendable for a first-timer, lacked the support of an experienced head like Shami, which could have made a significant difference in close games.


In retrospect, Mohammed Shami’s absence was a significant factor in the Gujarat Titans’ underwhelming 2024 season. His skills with the new ball, improved death bowling, and leadership qualities were sorely missed. While other factors like Hardik Pandya’s departure and inconsistent batting performances played a role, Shami’s impact was irreplaceable. The Titans need to learn from this season, strengthen their squad, and ensure they have the depth and experience to compete at the highest level in future campaigns.


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