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Which Players Could Effectively Fill Virat Kohli’s Shoes in T20Is for India?

Which Players Could Effectively Fill Virat Kohli's Shoes in T20Is for India?

Virat Kohli’s retirement from T20 Internationals marks the end of an era for Indian cricket, leaving behind a formidable legacy and a void that demands skilled successors. With over a decade of stellar performances culminating in India’s second T20 World Cup victory, Kohli’s departure prompts a search for new leaders in the format. Indian cricket boasts a wealth of talent, and several contenders emerge as viable replacements to carry forward Kohli’s legacy.


Shubman Gill


Which Players Could Effectively Fill Virat Kohli’s Shoes in T20Is for India? Shubman Gill (Photo Source X(Twitter)


Shubman Gill emerges prominently as a leading contender for future leadership roles in Indian cricket, celebrated widely for his exceptional talent and adeptness in the sport. Renowned for his impeccable technique and remarkable capacity to seize control early in matches, Gill’s impressive resume features a memorable T20I century and a series of notable achievements in the IPL. Despite his notable exclusion from the 2024 T20 World Cup squad, Gill’s forthcoming captaincy stint in the upcoming Zimbabwe series represents a significant and opportune moment for him to solidify his candidacy for leadership responsibilities within the team.


KL Rahul


Which Players Could Effectively Fill Virat Kohli’s Shoes in T20Is for India?

KL Rahul (Source – Getty Images)


KL Rahul has established himself as a formidable contender, widely acknowledged for his seasoned expertise and adaptability across a range of batting positions. With a notable track record spanning 72 T20Is and a formidable performance history in the IPL, Rahul brings to the crease a unique blend of stability and aggression. He is adept at both anchoring innings with meticulous precision and unleashing rapid-fire strokes when the situation demands. His extensive experience and seniority within the team not only strengthen the squad’s batting lineup but also position him as a reliable candidate to potentially succeed Kohli. Rahul offers invaluable leadership qualities and batting prowess, crucial for steering the team forward in crucial matches.


Ruturaj Gaikwad


Which Players Could Effectively Fill Virat Kohli’s Shoes in T20Is for India? Ruturaj Gaikwad (Photo Source X(Twitter)


Ruturaj Gaikwad emerges as a highly promising prospect, showcasing his versatility to effectively open the innings or fortify the middle order. Often likened to Kohli for his batting finesse, Gaikwad blends a vigilant start with dynamic stroke-making capabilities, as reflected in his impressive T20I statistics and consistently strong showings in the IPL. The upcoming tour of Zimbabwe presents Gaikwad a crucial opportunity to further cement his role within the team’s T20I framework and establish himself as a pivotal contributor to India’s cricketing aspirations.


Sanju Samson


Which Players Could Effectively Fill Virat Kohli’s Shoes in T20Is for India? Sanju Samson (Source – Getty Images)


Sanju Samson’s candidacy is reinforced by his steady achievements in the IPL and his leadership tenure with the Rajasthan Royals, underscoring his readiness for higher responsibilities. Despite sporadic international appearances, Samson’s versatility across various batting positions and adept handling of both pace and spin bowling positions him as a credible successor to Kohli. Known for his ability to perform under pressure, Samson holds promise in shaping India’s future in T20Is, provided he realizes his full potential on the international stage.


Shreyas Iyer


Which Players Could Effectively Fill Virat Kohli’s Shoes in T20Is for India? Shreyas Iyer (Photo Source X(Twitter)


Shreyas Iyer’s ascent as a dependable anchor in the middle order, coupled with his recent accomplishments with the Kolkata Knight Riders, firmly establishes his credentials as a prospective successor. Proficient in tackling both pace and spin bowling, Iyer’s extensive experience in T20Is and his consistent performances in the IPL underscore his capability to step into Kohli’s role seamlessly. Moreover, his demonstrated leadership qualities add further depth to his potential, signaling a smooth transition into a pivotal position within India’s T20I Team.


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